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Spooky Spoils Case


This Case is locked and requires a Spooky Spoils Key to open. Contains a community made item from the Spooky Spoils Collection.

Contents may be Unusual with a Halloween 2019 effect

Spooky Spoils Collection

Mister Bones

Pyr'o Lantern

Racc Mann

Head of the Dead

Elizabeth the Third

The Trick Stabber

El Zapateador

The Horrible Horns


Soviet Strongmann

Voodoo Vizier

Madmann's Muzzle


Derangement Garment

Convict Cap

El Mostacho

Candy Cranium

Bat Hat

Pocket Halloween Boss

Party Poncho

Fuel Injector

Bread Biter

Case Exclusive Bonus Item(s):

Pyro Shark

Avian Amante


Remorseless Raptor

Wild Whip

Case Global Unusual Effect(s)

★ Unusual Effect: Fifth Dimension

★ Unusual Effect: Fifth Dimension

★ Unusual Effect: Fifth Dimension

★ Unusual Effect: Vicious Vortex

★ Unusual Effect: Menacing Miasma

★ Unusual Effect: Abyssal Aura

★ Unusual Effect: Wicked Wood

★ Unusual Effect: Wicked Wood

★ Unusual Effect: Ghastly Grove

★ Unusual Effect: Mystical Medley

★ Unusual Effect: Ethereal Essence

★ Unusual Effect: Twisted Radiance

★ Unusual Effect: Violet Vortex

★ Unusual Effect: Verdant Vortex

★ Unusual Effect: Valiant Vortex

Case Global Bonus Item(s)

Paint Cans! Taunt Unusualifiers! MvM Tickets! And TF2 Tools!

Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details

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