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Blue Moon Cosmetic Case


This case is locked and requires a Blue Moon Cosmetic Key to open. Contains a community made item from the Blue Moon Cosmetic Collection.

Contents may be Strange or an Unusual Blue Moon Hat

Blue Moon Cosmetics Collection

Robin Walkers

The Frag Proof Fragger

Private Maggot Muncher

The Cold Case

Blizzard Britches

Scourge of the Sky

Veterans Attire

The Burning Question


Starboard Crusader

Punk's Pomp

Wipe Out Wraps

The Tundra Top

The Head Hedge

Tsar Platinum

Sky High Fly Guy

The Hot Case

Assassin's Attire

Antarctic Eyewear

Case Global Unusual Effect(s)

★ Unusual Effect: Green Confetti

★ Unusual Effect: Purple Confetti

★ Unusual Effect: Haunted Ghosts

★ Unusual Effect: Green Energy

★ Unusual Effect: Purple Energy

★ Unusual Effect: Circling TF Logo

★ Unusual Effect: Massed Flies

★ Unusual Effect: Burning Flames

★ Unusual Effect: Scorching Flames

★ Unusual Effect: Searing Plasma

★ Unusual Effect: Vivid Plasma

★ Unusual Effect: Sunbeams

★ Unusual Effect: Circling Peace Sign

★ Unusual Effect: Circling Heart

★ Unusual Effect: Stormy Storm

★ Unusual Effect: Blizzardy Storm

★ Unusual Effect: Nuts n' Bolts

★ Unusual Effect: Orbiting Planets

★ Unusual Effect: Orbiting Fire

★ Unusual Effect: Bubbling

★ Unusual Effect: Smoking

★ Unusual Effect: Steaming

★ Unusual Effect: Kill-a-Watt

★ Unusual Effect: Terror-Watt

★ Unusual Effect: Cloud 9

★ Unusual Effect: Aces High

★ Unusual Effect: Dead Presidents

★ Unusual Effect: Miami Nights

★ Unusual Effect: Disco Beat Down

Case Global Bonus Item(s)

Paint Cans! Taunt Unusualifiers! MvM Tickets! And TF2 Tools!

Inspect for full list of unusual effects and more details

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